Tuesday, February 17, 2015

feeding the birds

It's a winter beach with white sand and sweatshirts and scarves and coats and a free show.
Isn't that the thing about a beach?
The wind, the volume, looking out into what appears to be infinity
or a wall of sky way out into the distance.
Massive is the Gulf of Mexico.

I saw a cool baby today.
Thighs in striped pants.
Big eyes and the sweetest grin.
Happy. Baby. Day.
a gift on transition day back to not the ocean.

That's way too much money. Right?
How much?
How much money to live within walking distance of the beach, say 2.5 miles?
In Florida or the Mississippi or Alabama Gulf Coast?
Insurance would be crazy, but how much?
You don't need a big mansion.
Just something small and strong with running water and electricity and internet.

I think I'm going to start researching that.

In the Habits book people started meeting goals when they wrote them down.

Today I am grateful for a baby at work, for a Zumba Yoga Rrific class which is filled with people who are starting to seem like old friends. For a phone call and talk of a trip to Peru.

I am where I have work to do.

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