Tuesday, February 3, 2015

a day in acts

We have a project.
We, us, are going to do a zumba video.
Exciting. Huh?

This zumba video is gonna have ya' know, acts.

Act one.
You seriously do not want to go to zumba. I mean seriously, but you have to.

Act two.
You go to zumba. Read a book in the floor of a hall. It's your third class and you recognize faces and slippers and smiling and skipping and don't run.

Act three.
You go to a ballgame and just try your hand at a photo. Maybe you have it. Maybe you don't.

Act four.
You think to yourself, Now I need to write.

Act five.
That would be a totally boring video compared to that other one.

But ah, such is life.

There is poetry in this world. A love letter from England.

A love letter from Sarah.

A love letter from Kay, a love letter from Karen.

From Darin.

People are sending love letters everywhere.

So beautiful, I think.

Today I am grateful again (I keep repeating myself) for writers.

Now I must send that love back or out or whatever I'm supposed to be doing.

Which reminds me, Don't we have a brochure to write?

Yes. we do.

Get on that now.
(though sometimes I think I'll watch a TV show so I can be distracted from a life of so much recent loss in a community)

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