Friday, January 30, 2015

today's notes, edits

What is the other photo you would have used?
(and I still go back to that one and say that was the best one. The looks on their faces.)

She is inquisitive and curious.
His Mama is a teacher.
Both his parents do so much in the school.
Her? She is the girl whose granddaddy was the principal of the high school.
Long, blonde hair. She is hilarious.
I know everything I know because of that girl.

What they are showing you is a program. What I tell them because I have become a poser is:

Step one: "We're telling a story with this one shot."

Step two: "This is what I see. I see two hand models. Lots of light. Mrs. Carpenter gets to pick."

Step three: "Mrs. Carpenter says two names. Hand models."

Step four: "The rest? You are in the back because you are going to be blurred.

                  One kid actually says, "I'm going to be blurry."
                 (that was funny)
                  but true.

The program is kids creating benches.
And today was/is Joann Kelly Carney Day if you didn't hear.

The photo at the top of this page is a symbol to Joann Kelly Carney's work.
So is an upcoming photo, but that will be next week.

Today I am grateful for people who don't throw just one thing away. They collect plastic bottle caps and donate them to the school. They volunteer one small portion of their trash, but boy, does that add up? These kids have a shed with a lock and so many 50 gallon plastic garbage bags that you have to figure they are going to make many, many benches.

(the world is beautiful crazy)


Chantel said...

Yes, yes it is. Sometimes beautifully hard, but the beautiful part never fades.

Shea Goff said...

The hard part. I see it in people close to me and sometimes I think the only reason I come here is to shine a little light on something and I want it to be beautiful, ya' know. Something like a cookie or something you heard on the radio and I think sometimes I am so glad that nobody has to read me. But maybe every once in a while they just needed to hear that today. We made it through today maybe.

Somedays, I understand, I promise I see, that's saying something.