Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This is family.

He says it, but I already know it because I saw them work. Or practice, they call it. Well oiled machine some may mention.

The fact is that guy is gunning for a state championship.

And if you can, sit and talk with this guy for a few minutes. Though it is a privilege because he typically only allows his wife, three kids, team, their parents and his coworkers time for conversation. Otherwise he is eating, drinking, sleeping basketball. Today's practice speaks to the fact he knows what the other team is going to do tonight. How multiples of five will play out on this very court and he's telling these guys how to play against it.

You should see how they listen.

These guys get some exercise, but while they are in class he even teaches yoga to his high school PE students during the day. Does it with them. Every last one.

Overheard during practice today:

Take it and make it.
Don't settle for long shots you ain't gotta take.
Make 'em compete with ya'. Make 'em compete for ya'.
Be visible.
Keep on.

and the list goes on of that voice these boys will hear hopefully forever down the road.

Because, yes, I've heard some arguments against competition. 
I get it, but I also see how it makes these guys better, both physically and with some type of spirit.

The only secret I found?
They were constantly encouraging each other like a family would.

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