Wednesday, January 21, 2015

the day you should've taken a better shot

This is your first Blue shot.
This is the second.

This is what happened today.

The kids asked the questions.

I have some better shots but in all honesty I just wanted you to see him. He is a World War II Veteran and a Civil Rights Leader. His name is Sergeant Reverend James McCree, and well,

it's an honor, Sir.

He served on that beach in France and for eleven months hid behind an enemy wall. Do you know what he did when shells were not being dropped on him? He laughed with his men.

He had a foxhole all alone next to a foxhole of two men. Those two men asked him, "Why don't you come over here?"

And he answered, "Why do you want me to come over there?"

"Because I know you prayed, man."

A little while later with the shells still dropping and exploding and you didn't know where they were going to land those two same guys told him, "Get over here."

So he did.

Within moments of his feet leaving the foxhole he thought was his to keep a shell fell in it.


He and the two guys looked at each other. That's when he told them, "It's because I prayed, man."

What he most fondly remembers of that time in his life? The friends who became family who he just talked to James Meredith about eight months ago.

Right now we're studying World War II History, but the people who served never stopped.
That's what we're learning. Their lives were about service.

What advice does he have for us? Peace. Anyday of the week he'd choose peace over war.

Seriously. I'm not smart enough to make this stuff up.

Patterns form.

Today I am grateful for my job.

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