Sunday, January 11, 2015

sign for the grievance

What if we consider our expectations of each other?

Today I am grateful for


For how I know that if my son listens he'll smile because Ira Glass and all those beautiful voices at This American Life provided at least part of the soundtrack of his childhood.

Have you ever taken an entire day to rest, to heal, to sleep? It's a super duper will heal you like no other. And it's free. It doesn't cost anything unless, of course, it costs you a day's worth of water.

which would suck and now I feel like a spoiled brat.
but I guess I am going to expect that people are doing what they love all over the world.
and just because they don't have what I have it means they can't be just as happy as me.
so what I'll choose to believe is that for the most part we're all pretty good.
and that's cool.

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