Sunday, January 18, 2015

Seth says, "You are what you share."

Alright. So I'm not going to tell you this. I'm just going to leave a love note to a stranger.

If a ten year old me could have been sitting to your left in this photo. 
    Sitting exactly as you with that same darn look

    then we would've been twins. So I look at you and you look back and I know what you're thinking.       

You want to go on an adventure.

So we go on a photo shoot, and I was reading today about a famous senior photo editor and what she told her photographers. 

And I tell you that we have another assignment. 
We have to find Blue.
You mention water. 
I say something about the sky.

I'll take off my boots, You say.

Barefoot in January on a sunny day. Yeah. Well. That's something, I reply.

So we find a pool and we pump the aperture way up, white balance is sunny. ISO at 100. Shutter speed going anywhere from 80 all the way up to 320. 

and what you help me find is cool. I think.

So thank you for that.

Also, you reminded me of something when you sang your new song, Dance.
And you danced.

And sometimes I forget who's teaching who.

ohgoodgosh. I love you.

Today I am grateful for an hour with her. 

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