Sunday, January 25, 2015

phone call can save your soul

It's your friends. those people who talk. they will make your weekend.

and you wonder is that what it is, and I should just be overjoyed.

When I think about ways that I change my life, what do I consider things a friend does?

And I think I have them.
And my son and I had this conversation.

I have four friends.
He considers he has four friends as well.

It is such a small circle that we should be ashamed of ourselves because there are others, mind you, and they are fantastic. We have them as well, but these four, these four listen to all your shit.

This crazy blog stuff.

And sometimes I feel guilty for saying so much, but they always answer the call.

Today I am grateful for friends and for knowing that if I am making changes in my life
then one of those changes is increasing the number and quality of friendships I have which is going to take time, and I can make that. I am going to plan my own week, which is scary because what if someone needs something.

Then I'll figure it out.
Someone's gotta make a plan around here.
That someone's gotta be me.

All of a sudden I sound like Little Orphan Annie, which is hilarious.

Other goals for the week. (oh no, I've turned into this!)

1. Go to that zumba good music funny girls class.
2. Find someone to walk with one morning/afternoon.
3. Drink sixty-four ounces of water per day. Every day.
4. Don't smoke.
5. Take healthy snacks to work.
6. Get plenty of rest.
7. Take photos.
8. Write.
9. Read.
10. Be kind to the people you see. (really should've been number one, huh?)


Anonymous said...

Good plan Ole buddy, number 4 needs to be number one.

Shea Goff said...

Thank you, ole buddy, for keeping me in check.