Thursday, January 29, 2015

notes of our meeting

What I want her to say is Yes, I am. Is there anything you want? To everyone. One big announcement.

I am going to this.
Just let me know if you need me to pick up anything.

People shop online. She takes their orders and puts a little markup on it to cover for gas and organization and

but I just need to keep my mouth shut 'cause I'll just talk and talk and talk.

It's why I write.

In other news there is the Prayer Master, my nickname for him.

This guy.

And these people.

1. His name is I can say a prayer which will make an entire room respond to the question, "And all the people said?"


And I say Amen out loud along with everyone else in that line and most of the kids and all of the parents in the room.

And he quotes Robert Frost and the road less travelled and the road most and what his road looked like and what it paid and family. He shows these kids where his road led and who led him.

And all the people said?


2. His name is I understand you, I was you but here is who you can be right now. And it's good, kids. It's good. You've got something to look forward to because I was like you but someone bent down and said, "Hey, you. You want to fight? Come over here to the Boys and Girls Club and you can fight my kid. They were the same size though he thought he was Godzilla. By round three he had learned a valuable lesson. It was respect authority.

3. Her? She is one of the strongest (and I know some strong), creative (I know those, too) and intelligent (oh yeah) people I know. I am soon to tell you why but it won't be completely, I'm sure.

4. That guy is a judge who consults nationally and drives nicely and wears beautiful but what he says is, "I made opportunity. I was there doing two jobs at once. Now my names are many, and my life is plenty. You can do it too. Is this what you want? Getting a high school degree is the first step."

5. Him? When he was a young man his day started at 4:30am. His family had cattle and he had a job to do before he got to school. He says, and we can quote him on this one, "Excuses are reasons for people who don't want it bad enough." 

6. The Doctor is in the house. It's great to listen to the kids because when you do they'll let you know the Doctor is doing a fine job. The kids who slouch in their chairs and roll their eyes and giggle they don't like him 'cause he is in their business every day. One said, "Oh yeah. I want to fight him."

"You do?"

"Oh yeah."

"Why would you want to fight him?"

"Because he's all up in my business."



"He's a pretty big guy. You really think you could take him?"

And now tonight I regret not continuing with the best thing I could have said to you.

Oh please. Stop it. That guy is here to help you. Why would you hurt someone who wants to help you? These people came as a witness to living a life they say would be great for you and if they can do it you can do it. They are telling you that with their lives, their day to day walk. Where they have been, how they got here and here is good. They are happy.

7. This guy is in the Guiness Book of World Records in youngest, beaming, as I heard in a recent meeting, "You've got smoke coming out of your ears, Mr. James." Brainpower of forming and building and gathering people and planes and it sounds like the guy is creating a circus. I can't wait. I told him if he doesn't call me he'll be on my bad list. He says he understands. Said it today. Someone write that down. Oh, I just did.

8. The guy who is not in the picture is named Spoken Word Poetry, aka Police Your Own Zone. He is a felon and he is raw and an entrepreneur and the food we just ate he provided that and he made it because he cares and that was worth $500. Because he is a felon he can only protect his family by hovering over them. He can't vote. In order to provide for his family he has to build it from scratch. He wants you to know that you don't want to lead a life doing something for which you could go to prison. He can tell you right now that life is about education and you better learn to read and you better learn to write and math, you better learn that even if you're a drug dealer. If you don't know that. You're dead. 

(I'm sure he would've been in the group picture but that man had to get back to work. Business ownership is working. Life is a hustle. Be ready to work and you can make some money. There is no such thing as lazy in that guy's world.)

There were several other people in the room. People who spooned and monitored and poured. Events like this happen because community is involved. This is a mentor program. Anyone can raise their hand and say I would like to talk. All of the people pictured and not raised their hands and said I want to get involved. 

I want to spend more time with this subject. Volunteering and community service and grandparents and people who read every week or once a month to a group of students. I think our local numbers are most likely off the charts in terms of how many hours of volunteer work happens in a place so beautiful.

Someone said today, It's not going to be alright.

And I do completely understand your concern. I do. I get it. We're all doomed. Okay, but in survivalist notes of the doomed say, "You don't have to skydive but just live as if it would be okay if you died tomorrow. At least I always had today and I never knew if I would get another chance to make another choice tomorrow, but what I found out somewhere somehow was that it helped me to relax and not worry. I saw that worry helped nobody and it got in the way of me appreciating today. Tomorrow I may get a chance to walk into the weekend. Prayer? I swear I have seen that work. And work. Yes, definitely work because work teaches me to follow a path. "

Today I am grateful for an invitation to a meeting and a guy who was willing to punch me in the arm. And for community and a school and you realize how much effort is being circulated in this world.


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