Sunday, January 4, 2015

last day of holiday until next holiday when we party like this again.

The candle is called Good to be home.

Mangosteen and Hibiscus.  
Mangosteen? Found it on webMD.

Sunset Porch Swing.


The book says the candle has layers of ego. All these things it calls itself so it can blend in and burn among us. But really all it ever is is some extension of a giant light like the sun. The candle is the sun and all those other things it calls itself are getting in the way of the candle remembering what it is and understanding it’s more.

That’s how much I’ve read so far. Sixteen pages.

And I like the candle.

Here’s my concern.

I’m okay with everyone walking around in white robes.

(did everything just go racist)

We’re talking everyone in some awesome chant of love and kindness and no ego and all source and happily ever after indefinitely.

I think that’s what that book is going for.

Okay. Heaven. Enlightenment. All that.

And that takes some serious trust.
Because who’s lurking around the corner.

Today I am grateful to have not taken one photo.

We needed that “no camera” time together.

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