Monday, January 19, 2015

It's elementary, my Dear Vincent.

I know. I know, Vincent.
I know you tried to tell me because you knew.
And you just sent me an email about healthy eating.
And yes, everything is coming at once.
Change your entire life, every breath, 
and wait. Do we have to change everything simultaneously?

I guess.

Could we at least hold onto these conversations because maybe when we talk about change we also need to talk about what and who and how stays the same.

I found this today,

and I thought about how brilliant people keep saying this same thing all throughout history, like way way back.

So I think.

Today I am grateful for great leaders and for how you know they are great leaders because what they do and say speaks to something in your heart.

(and sometimes I think  our heart can be in our head  and that means the love we feel is smart)

Love feels smart.

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