Sunday, January 11, 2015


First and foremost I believe in free speech. That's all I know to say on the recent horror in France. I like it when we can all speak. I don't want anyone to take your words away. I want you to have the choice in what you say as long as you don't bring harm on someone else. And I know harm is tricky because you can feel like your way of life is being harmed and that nobody hears you. And what good is writing on a poster when nobody reads what it says. But what if you just wrote it for yourself?

I don't know.

My disclaimer is I don't want to be mad at the world, and I hate soapboxes which is why I never owned one until I got a blog. I just feel frustrated right now.

I don’t like horn blowing.  It should be saved for emergencies.

On the other hand I thought about the following today.
It is entitled what the pets know.

They knew that when they walked up on this place they didn’t reach Hotel California.

I am no good at getting rid of animals. I can’t take them off. I can’t kill them so I have a talk with them. I tell them I’ll figure a way to feed you and you’ve got this porch, some chairs, each other but you’re not coming inside, man. And you’re only going to the vet to get fixed.

I’m sorry.

But here’s what’s so weird.
You’d think this place was the most awesome place in the history of the entire universe because Dude. They protect it like they were here before me.

In fact, this place is what I like to call Too Many.
(and I feel bad for saying that but there can be too many people who drop their animals off out in the country.

And it’s kinda heartbreaking, you know.
Because you have to wonder, what does that feel like? Someone just leaving you on a road somewhere and you. You wouldn’t understand or maybe you would because those people may have been assholes. I don’t know. I’m not trying to make any judgments here.

Or policy.
Or law.
Or anything other than a call to common sense.

Just stop breeding them, please.
Stop buying from breeders. Maybe.
How about five years?
For five years we all just stop that nonsense and see what happens when someone who wants a dog or a cat simply goes to their local shelter and adopts

or heck, go for a drive out in the country and be some dog’s hero.

This one seems too easy to solve.

Today I am grateful that we all are going to care just a little more.

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