Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fast Eddie

His name is Daniel, and he sleeps on Fast Eddie's couch.
He kinda did this but in another way.
And then he decided to go back to college.

"Okay. First is first. Do you guys know what we're doing?"

"Yeah. Well. We heard about it on the way over," says JuJu.

"So you heard there's a website and this girl has started a movement and look at this park bench she even did a painting and people are finding these things and it's pretty cool. Whatcha think?"

Scissors, stick glue, magic markers, colored paper (now I wish I had glitter but) we borrowed a conference room with carpet and comfy chairs and a table so long we crouched in the middle.

There are three kids.
We are missing two.
All of them begin establishing space and thinking.
You can actually see their minds turning.

We spell words like information and remember and chocolate and
we cut and
how did you make that heart?

Jess says, "Do it like it the kids do it. Fold the paper in half."

Alea says, "Do mine," but she knows she can do it.

"Can we put our names on them?"
"Can we say God?"


Today I am grateful for heartface and an anthem of sorts. Have you ever noticed that children can break out into an original song? If you are a songwriter and have agonized over writing a song then please feel worse about yourself because children spontaneously create music. Just happens. Sorry.

To make up for that the kids and I are hiding twenty-five love letters to strangers.
I can confirm that two have already been hidden.

Note to parents: I think this is the best part. When my niece hid one in a very public but secret but you can see it but ohmygosh that lady just walked by it and

Come on, Jess. You know it's going wherever it needs to.

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