Friday, January 16, 2015

events collide

Sing Heartface. Sing.

Partying on a Friday night means getting rest and getting an email from a friend. "It's live."
I got some sleep and took a breath before I clicked on the link, but when I did I found a smile on every page and I can't tell you what an honor it is to say, "It's good. Great even and I didn't find one misspelled word but I'm no good at that anyway.
But let me tell you there is just something about what you wrote in policies and descriptions of the rooms and 
Oh, Allie. There you are."

I wonder if I sent Karen a love letter to a stranger she would then hide it somewhere in the house. That'd be cool.

Note to self: Reply to Karen's email. Make the suggestion. And oh yeah, my favorite. Your description of how to be a moon hollow guest. Perfect.

Ever felt like a rambling soul, words just flow and fireflies, 
do you remember those? This is a most definite writer's or life's retreat. 

Today I am grateful for all those things dancing in the air around us. Sometimes they seem to collide.

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