Thursday, December 25, 2014

the day we saw the pines

Aunt Marilyn's laugh is the best.

Hey, you. Good morning.
How ‘bout a ride?
A shower?
A nail clipping?
How ‘bout we go real slow?
See some cows?
Listen to some Christmas music?

How ‘bout taking your old seat?
What if
is our new adventure?
It’s been a while. Right?
Just today. We’ll see tomorrow at that time.

You remember that time we heard what we heard?
That everybody we meet is somehow a mirror of us.
And every question already has an answer attached.

That’s just crazy.
Don’t you think?

Today I am grateful for the look in her eyes when I said, “How ‘bout a ride?”

The question of the day comes from caller number one.

Caller, go ahead.

Will you never learn?

Learn what?

That you keep repeating yourself.

Oh, yeah. For sure. I know that. Does it look so bad? What if today was a love story? Did you need to see it? I did.

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