Wednesday, December 31, 2014

ten, I mean four

Ten great things about a couple of trees falling in your family’s yard:

1. You were thinking of how you needed to get in shape. You already included your dog in the
    program. Now you find other people with the same goals and dreams.

2. Those people were trained exactly as you. In fact, that’s a great thing to have in common.

3. Big trees mean massive piles of debris.

Okay. Only three things.

Because number three reminds me of that time my Dad drove to North Mississippi and cut up a tree in my backyard and that tree nobody wanted to touch. A company quoted $2,500 the day after the storm. (didn’t even have to call those people. they came directly to my door. handed me an official quote)

And I was all, “Whut?”

And they said it again.

And I just started explaining that I wasn’t from those parts and not so accustomed to the customs and

of such.

Where I am from, I explained, was the land of pine and timber and if you had some wood which needed to be cut there would be someone who would be needing it for heating.

Dad found a family, a guy, who was much obliged and removed it once

my Dad
with chainsaw in one hand and
a lightening bolt in the other
took that tree apart piece by piece.

It is some of our best time together, I think.

4.     You can have some of the best times in your life with people you love once trees fall in your yard.

Is it 2015 yet?
It sure feels like it.
Aren’t we ready to get this one started?

Cue the fireworks, the band, the pompoms.
Let's do this.

Today I am grateful to know what had to end before we began.

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