Tuesday, December 30, 2014

somebody stopped smoking

Little Bird. That was awesome what you did.

I told you we had to go inside, and at first you nodded. So I started walking toward the door and you started following until that moment you realized Billy Sue was staying in the car.

You give warning.
I'll give you that.

It's like a quick burst of beh, but more pronounced and increased volume from what you typically use. Your Dad does the greatest impression.

You gave me the warning and I did hear it and already knew you were not going to get what you wanted so my response, of course, was, No, Little Bird. I'm sorry. We have to go in. Billy Sue has to stay in the car. It's cold out here.

Let's just say I am amazed by the strength in your legs, and yo, solid punch, chic. Who knew you had that in your fists? The headbutt, we won't talk about that. You seriously are going to have to consider your brain at this age, young lady.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to have fun with a kid who will hopefully one day laugh at this. And I'll get to hear her do it.


grannie said...

what happen to your car. hope that you are okay. love you, happy new year to you and yours.

Shea Goff said...

I just can't believe that the trend has not started in your area. Is not everyone there trying to make it look like their car has been hit by a deer? It's all the rage here.

Everyone's fine. Even the deer. It ran off and multiplied. Dangit.

Love you too. Happy New Year.