Monday, December 29, 2014


Because you.
You see the world as a series of grand adventures.
So I want to take you on them.
(or follow you as you travel)

The road moving below you.

That look you give me like “Whatup?”
It’s magic. 
Isn’t it?

I’m so grateful that I don’t depend on this for income.
For me it feels more like love.

(Thank you for
reading/stopping by/putting up with/being cool/giving any attention to someone who doesn’t quite fit in
to many expectations
or hopes for self.
But ohboy, can we dream of beautiful things.

And that’s nice)


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Billy Sue back in the game, started to ask about her the other day.

Shea Goff said...

Such a simple choice, and it's been good for both of us. In the past she didn't want her photo taken so I tried to respect that. Now it's like she loves it and expects it because it means we get to go on special trips.