Monday, December 22, 2014


Christmas is not just Christmas Day. 
Christmas starts Thanksgiving Day and you even think about it before then. 
Christmas landed on my family two days before Thanksgiving this year.

Because my Dad survived a wreck that could have easily taken him from us. Merry Christmas. I have a Dad who is healing almost as fast as Hundred Eyes from Marco Polo. Merry Christmas. I fell in love with a character in a show. Merry Christmas. That show was set in an era of which has been the focus of several conversations with my son. Merry Christmas. He had not seen the series. Merry Christmas. I told him he would love it. Merry Christmas. He came to see me. Merry Christmas. We got a hotel room with internet and television and a weight room and dinner and breakfast for a really great price. Merry Christmas. There was coffee. Merry Christmas. Stories (hysterical). Merry Christmas. Sleeping. Merry Christmas. Movies. Merry Christmas.

There was time.

(the older I get and I'm not even old yet except to most of the people where I work. and work reminds me of one of the most noticeable things this year. the earth sped it's rotation and life became a barreling train and what am I doing and)

This Christmas I received some time with my son.

Merry Christmas.

Today I am grateful, again and again and over and over, for time with that guy. 
My realization of time makes that time more precious.

And Merry Christmas. I think this is good.

Maybe once we have everything we ever wanted we want for the world.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas,we are so blessed to have such a wonderful young man in our life.Merry Christmas!!!!!

Shea Goff said...

Merry Christmas. I need to call you. I have thought I just need to call Nan and tell her how much I love her. So one evening soon expect at least a message on your answering machine.

I hope this thing doesn't think I'm a robot.