Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I think it is only important what matters to you.
You know. Your truth.
I’m good with you having your own truth.
I think I would doubt a world where everyone feels the same.
I don't join many groups.

Along with all those people you see at your church, the pool hall, a bridge game, in the park, visiting someone’s house.

I visited someone’s house tonight.
Her name is Queen of the Strawberry Cakes.
She’s one of the first people I asked about when I returned home.

I didn’t know if she was home.
I had not called earlier but saw the car under the carport.
You know what she’s been doing?

Serving strawberry cakes on the streets of our little town.
The people she is serving are strangers who are away from home.
They can’t help
but like me
love her.

She can’t help but make us smile.

She is now called Ambassador Queen of Strawberry Cakes.

The boy who lived with the homeless has returned.
And I forgot to do something for his Mama.
It was one of those things I marked unread and thought, Can’t now.
Is it okay if I say tomorrow? I wondered/wandered the last two days.
Procrastination is my name.

Six hours from here is a man who is exactly the man he needs to be.
That lesson was tough.
I always thought people were supposed to be who I thought they were.
Whenever they were not I disapproved. Like I was some type of ruler. Control mattered. 

Less now.

Because the woman who was always running away from all the things she needed to do decided one day that she didn’t care. And not that she doesn’t care. She actually does. But care for others can comsume and there is ego which needs to be fed.

And the question always remains, When you are consumed where are you?

Or maybe that goes away.

Today I am grateful for a day away, a day I consider to be a day of rest.

That matters to me.

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