Saturday, December 6, 2014


It's that time of year when the lists are made. The best music of the year. The best movie. Those best moments when something just worked. At their best they are incredibly personal. 

Those quick, fleeting spaces we love which make the year what it is/was.

That if we were to say, "Wait."

"Don't go. Don't grow. Let's just keep this as it is forever and ever because you made this year the best year yet."

Nothing would ever change.

But just think. We didn't know in 2013 it could get any better than that.

And there's not enough internet to show you why and how the best of 2014 was right here when I wasn't trying to take a nap.

Today I am grateful for family. It's insane how I lucked up on that one.


grannie said...

you are so right. hope that all has a good week end. love you

Anonymous said...

All the pictures are beautiful,but of course you saved the best for last!!!!But I'm just the Nana to that one! Lol.

Shea Goff said...

You too, Aunt Sue.

Knew you'd like that one, Nan!