Tuesday, December 23, 2014

in the grand experiment of life is good

This Christmas is Oreos with a peanut butter filling. It is the most serious play.

Doing what you love.

I love the chocolate of an Oreo. It is the ultimate chocolate and it is so ultimate in it's ultimateness that it needs something to take the kick off.

But the middle.

The middle is a waste paste of evil created. Don’t get me wrong. I always endured it but not so much that Oreos were some type of problem for me. It’s just that when I would meet someone who liked the white shit then I would be all, “Surely you don’t like the white shit.”

And they would have to claim they did.

Insert awkward pause.

So here we go in the car down or up or over the road until we reach the home of subject number one.

Oh wait. Hypothesis.

I think the subjects who attempted to try the peanut butter Oreo will display more pronounced positive  feelings as evidenced by smiles, nods, licking of the lips, sound (sound is important) and the everlasting peace and happiness of okay one more.


Subject number one is (age, gender, race, religion, economics might) matter. He’s able to pay his bills and have some fun on the side. Oreos he can afford. He likes Oreos, the ones you know with the evil paste. Yes, he’s serious. Get over it. But.

He is one to convince.

Josh is eating the peanut butter Oreo under the carport. It’s raining. I brought a jug of white whole milk (the thick stuff). He picks a plastic cup and I wince. I should have remembered a glass, and I’m hoping the milk is cold enough. It needs to be cold to combat the heat and humidity outside today. Surely somebody is keeping track. The cookies are at riding in my car temperature. I like it cool rather than warm. A Ziploc bag holds the cookies, which were transferred straight from sealed package to sealed again.


Recap: Cold milk. (not cold enough in a plastic cup)
              Crisp peanut butter Oreos
              Outside in the rain
              Guy in his mid thirties is straight out of a nap.
              He’s working right up until Christmas Eve.
              Surely he will prefer this over an inferior product.

Experiment Findings:

There was constant nodding. I think little, small, you know getting crumbs off the lips though I don’t remember noticing since the experiment itself was quite exciting. I had already tried three and knew my product. He did not split the cookie apart. Took the mix of chocolate and peanut butter all at one time. Yeah. Yeah, are the sounds I heard. It was solid competition. I knew he’d have to admit I had claim to the superior one.


He said it was good but he was not going to admit it was better than the other.

But he did eat another one.

Today I am grateful to play with Oreos.

Josh recommends this movie.

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