Friday, December 12, 2014


Anna scared me. I don't think she's violent or anything. It's been over a year since I met her, and I have yet to see her impose any type of torture on anyone. She's actually been quite kind to me. It's just that she had/has the focus and intensity of a fighter pilot except her job is to teach music to small children.

I drew her name from a basket this week.
Drawing her name meant I had to write an article about her.

Excuse me. I have to finish an article about her this morning.
This week has been fairly intense. (in my head Anna would be saying, Really? Your week has been intense? but with more question marks and exclamation points)

Here's the challenge: Fitting a music teacher with the focus and intensity of a fighter pilot into 250 - 500 words. The only way I can publish anything about Anna today is to give up, admit here that it won't be enough, because if I am going to pay tribute to these people in our classrooms I have to be honest.

And honestly I don't think there is a way to compensate great teachers for what they do.

In the end it's kind of pitiful, my gratitude.

But then it's Anna.
And as tough as she is, she is a total softy too.
So in honor of Anna I'm declaring this Thank an Awesome Teacher Day/Month/Year.

Don't hug her. That could get weird, because she may know jujitsu.

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