Tuesday, November 11, 2014


His name was Mr. Walt though I don't know that he was all that much older than me. If older. It's just that he was a soldier, a part of our national guard and a leader to my son's local boy scout troop. That's been years ago. He had a sweet family, a wife and three lovely children.

I don't know all the wars he saw, but I do know that he went to Iraq about nine years ago. He was a veteran, and today is Veteran's Day. Typically I don't let a calendar of holidays dictate the subject matter on this blog, but today I will attend a Veteran's Day event with some kids and I thought about that and Mr. Walt came to mind.

Mr. Walt represents so many soldiers I have met and with whom I have shook hands and if I didn't say thank you someone please knock me upside the head.

Because even more than that war

Mr. Walt had

a voice,
a presence,
a confidence,
a kindness,
a generosity of time and consideration,
a strong faith,
a loyalty,
an honesty,
a strength,

and I am sure I am forgetting something.

But I remember thinking when he was off in Iraq how lucky those people were to have him on the ground around their friends, husbands, wives and children. It did occur to me that he was the best guy I could imagine to show people from another country what we wanted to say as Americans.

And to help. I can vouch for Mr. Walt being a helpful guy.

Today I am grateful for Mr. Walt, that my son got to know him and be led by him.
That when Slater and I talk about him now it comes with a great level of respect.

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