Thursday, November 13, 2014

southern autumn

what if nobody else controlled our minds? what would we do? who would we be?
I'd find a beach in a southern winter.

It's the next photo prompt from Sowashee Power & Light.

I have to do this. I didn't do the last one because I was supposedly so busy but basically I was busy trying to control all the work I didn't want to do or I did want to but it felt like a lot so I didn't do the photo prompt.

I felt like I failed the class, but those people are kind and allowing me to continue my studies.
This time, on the southern autumn assignment, I feel like I really need to step it up and step out.

Above is choice number one, and I'll tell you why.

It's November. The most special guy I ever knew is having a birthday this month. So is my second mother and her daughter. There is Thanksgiving which is really everyday so don't listen to them.

Then Christmas.

The pressure to buy presents.

To give gifts to people you'd give the world if you had it.

I'd be Elvis. Mom would get a house in town and a cover for the pool. I'd send Kim and Mark on a trip to California. Slater would get a Tesla though I don't know how'd he ever charge it. Jess would get a party with all her friends. Shelbs would get some land and a trailer in wherever she's headed. Aunt Wanda would get the best smelling candle ever. Dad would get the Woody property. Little Bird a laptop though I feel bad for typing that. Nana, a large canvas print of her love more. Sue, a gift card. My brothers and their wives would get one gift certificate so they could all go out one night. Rick would get his castle and servants.

Wyatt and Sweetie would get an I don't know since they seem so happy with what they have.

And what if we are


with everything surrounding us right now?

What if we didn't need anything else? Everything else was just some want. Like new shoes. A winter coat. A small, electric heater. Canned goods. A really warm sweater and one really great pair of socks. And they didn't have to match and it doesn't matter if Christmas trees are stitched on them.

What if our kids got a list? They could take it home or not. Their parents could decide to take them to the store or not. The kid could or could not pick out a toy from the list, purchase it with let's say whatever they may have or may have not. Then the kid could deliver it to some center.

I am going to buy this at our local Co-Op and put $50 in the pocket.
Then I am going to give it to this guy who has made a habit of giving gifts to kids each year.
I trust him to get that coat to a kid who needs it, and I trust him to spend that $50 as he sees fit.

Maybe someone needs to keep their lights on.
I don't know.
I just know that it can be tough out there.

Especially now when you want to give the world to the people you love.
I'm told we're supposed to love everyone.
But you and I both know we don't have the world so you give as many all you can and hope that's enough.
It will be.
No pressure.
I promise.

Today I am grateful to be able to burn a candle, to have gas for my stove, a working heater, blankets and pillows, food, socks, shoes, and I am grateful for some local people who made it their mission to help provide for those who may need all those material things which make my life good

this southern autumn.


Anonymous said...

Nice, extremely nice.

Shea Goff said...

Thank you, Anonymous.