Saturday, November 29, 2014


It has been at least a year since I saw her. Them. A year.

Someone slow those people down, please.

2011. It's a photo I used for a magazine. She is six, has on a white dress and is holding a single red flower in her hand. She's looking up at the camera with huge brown eyes and a type of smirk like Yeah. I know. The world is a playground. You're beautiful. I'm beautiful. Let's just take pictures all day.

That photo session is a prime reason someone would want to take photos of people. Peyton is from some of my favorite people. Her Grandmother and Aunt provided a Thanksgiving meal for my Dad because I said they would and I realized what an ass I was Wednesday morning when I called Peyton's Aunt to tell her that I would be picking up two plates on Thursday to take to my Mom and Dad in Louisiana. After I got off the phone I was all, Damn. It was Peyton's aunt's birthday, and I always sing the song to her and I had not even so much as muttered any type of another year older greeting. I obviously sucked as a human being, called back before she could figure out how to block my calls and sang Happy Birthday on her voicemail.

She still hasn't figured out how to block my calls. She'll have to ask Peyton. Here is 2012.

In 2013 I photographed a change, a more serious Peyton.

Yesterday I was selling Christmas cards on the side of the street, and I'll have to admit that I'm not much of a street vendor so if you want some Christmas cards created by art students I am in possession of a surplus.


If everyday brings not so much along with the much and all the success stories of the world met with some failings along the way then I'd have to say that shopping done by a particular family meant I could snap a few photos of a particular supermodel I've been working with for years.

Except now she is an inventor as well. Her drawings of the hovercraft we will require to take five second trips to anywhere in the world (where we can only stay an hour, but I'm hoping she can remedy that issue) were detailed down to the pulleys attached by cables to the dome within which we could take a five second nap as it travelled to the destination we programmed into it's computer. No, we will not need beds. The floor is pillowy, she says.

While her little sister Maddie says, Explore. Explore. Explore.

So it seems in 2014 we have the explorer and the creator. I hope they change their minds a million times or stick on the path they are on. It doesn't matter.

What I am grateful for is that along this journey I get to watch them grow and become and be, and that is an honor I never could have imagined.


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beautiful, hope you had a good visit with your mom and day. love you