Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Picasso, Third Grade Interpretation

He once told me that I needed to know the rules before I broke them.
Solid writing advice, I knew it when I heard it.

1. Take that away. You'll be amazed at how many times you put it in a story.

Monet, Third Grade Interpretation

Same thing with photography.
2. Look for the noise in your piece. Eliminate it.

Third Grade, Constable Style

There was this one teenager in the community art show we did. I remembered him from class last year. Talented to the point you weren't likely to forget him soon. He was just that good and though none of his works were shown at the show he came with his Mama and he led her around the room and then found me about an hour into it.

"Hey, Ms. Goff."

"Hi, Justin. How are ya'?"

"Hey. Um. Okay. Yeahwell, I didn't even know y'all were doing this. But. Yeah. Um whenever you do it again do you think I can put some of my work in it?"

Ohmygosh we have to do this again, I think. Then, "Yes. No doubt. We'd be honored to have you here. I'll let you know on the next one. It's cool you came with your Mom. She seems so sweet."

He smiles not the mischievous smile I saw in class last year. This smile, it was different.

Third Grade, Warhol

And in a dream life this is the life I would live. Getting to know students like Justin and having a portion of my evening involving photographing and later pretending I am some art critic reviewing a third grade art show. Writing and photography combined into does it get any better than this?

I can't imagine that it does but then I never imagined this.

Third Grade Pointillism

And I never knew I could love learning this much.

Today, again, over and over, I am so very grateful for the teachers of this world. 

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