Friday, November 21, 2014

it means something

southern autumn, option three

My Mom was a basketball player. This meant something. It meant she was tough and strong and healthy and she took care of herself because she wanted to win.

She'd even work weekends and through a holiday and practice meant something.

There was less television, more water.

There was commitment.


The will to survive.

The knowing you can.

Panthers meant something.


You sure wouldn't go down without a fight.

Today I am grateful to ask students for who/what they are thankful. I am grateful for how they smiled or paused or seemed nervous or excited or however they were in the moment. I am grateful we were able to capture it. What you see is, I mean a million years from now if you look back and we are history and people wonder and just one person uncovers the photo above

the future meant something to my Mom and those young women.

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