Friday, October 31, 2014

the infinite argument

It would be a ridiculous job. What would you even call it? Someone who everyday vows to find and share a good story for the rest of his/her life. At least some part of every parent has to want to be able to prove that this world has plenty of good in it. Right?

This world will be good to you, my child, we at least hope to say.

So we set out to prove it and we find there are all of these people who do amazing work and there are so many incredible stories and we feel like it’s almost a secret.

Because who’s got that kind of time? Seriously. And if people knew the enormity and scope of all the good they would surely flock to it. 

Would there be enough good for everyone?

Would we lack?
Or does energy create more energy?

This is when I would again (the infinite argument) ask Slater, Is it infinite? The energy.

No, Mom. It’s finite. There is only a certain amount.

But, baby. I do love physics and science is absolutely beautiful. It’s just that I don’t think they’ve discovered it all yet. Just look at how good creates more good. I think that is how it happens. Surely it’s the same with the energy of this world.

Then he would just look at me this way.

Then I would be all, Look at what I found.

Today I am grateful for beautiful conversations with my kid.


Anonymous said...

I often think of traveling to the end of the universe to see that great Wall that has a END OF THE UNIVERSE neon sign. Then I peek over the top to see what's out there.

Shea Goff said...