Monday, October 27, 2014

people are crazy, especially me

Just as kind as his brother. Even in a hostage situation.

Hindsight is incredibly helpful at times if looking back helps you learn something. That is if you and me agree we are here to learn because we don't know everything and everyone we meet knows something we don't. As evidenced by the medium I choose to write our yearning for knowledge is seemingly insatiable.

For me education is good.

The photo above was taken a little over two weeks ago when I went to pick up Jaime Phillips Winton's work. She left it at her Papaw's who was my Papaw's brother and who has a particular resemblance to my childhood best friend. When I told Jess we were going and that she would get to help with Jaime's work and who Jaime was and the importance of seeing the man who was the closest person I knew remaining who could show her who my best friend was….(reference the title here)

Her response was, So she's my cousin and she's an artist. Do you think it runs in the family?

Well heck yeah. Of course, I said.

My favorite Christmas present last year. Jaime's work hangs on my wall as a daily to do list.

Anyway, the photograph up top. When I saw it I realized what I did and yesterday when I talked to Jaime on the phone I had to confess, I have a photo of your Papaw trapped in this weird situation where I was trying to make him my Papaw and Jess was playing me and I should've just furnished them with a script because obviously they had no idea they were in my movie.

She laughed and Uncle Jack had not told on me though I would not blame him for moving without leaving a forwarding address. He's just so kind like my Papaw was.

Dear Jess,

Lucky for you kindness runs in the family as well. Know that about yourself. Practice daily.


Tomorrow I hope to get to the conversation with Jaime.
Now that the confession is out of the way.

Today I am grateful for what this art show is teaching me.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!I love it!

Shea Goff said...

Thank you. Me, too!