Sunday, October 12, 2014

notes from a former college football junkie

I fell in love with a Virginia Tech Hokie and as a consequence fell in love with an entire football team. Remember that year the little team from Northwestern kind of replayed the movie Rudy for us but in real life? When was that? '97 -'98?

It doesn't much matter anymore.

Other than I am from Mississippi, a resident of the Southeastern Conference. I went to two of the universities here. My son will graduate from another one this December. If you haven't heard then you should know there is some exceptional Mississippi football being played now. The kind we don't typically see around here, but among friends, has never stopped anyone from saying, Go Rebs. Hail State. War Damn Eagle. Roll Tide Roll.

Now as a former college football junkie these teams represent friends to me, just like the Hokies represented the crazy love I had.


Don't tell anyone. Now the reason I go is to watch people watch the game.

Go, Ellen and Sarah and Donnie. 
Go, Rick, Rusty and Ronnie. 
Go, Debbie and Sam and all their children. Robert, Cathy and Mallory. Angie and her bunch. Nana.
Go, Dad, my brother Jason, Kaye, Renee, Belinda, Jeff, Anna and Nicole.

Go, Angie and Dooby.


Sorry for your loss, but I'll always love you no matter what.

Today I am grateful to be there to watch Angie dance around the room, for the ribs and the spinach dip. For the place they built. To see old friends and make new. 

And Mrs. Betty. 
I finally got to meet Mrs. Betty, and she was better than I ever imagined.

Football feels like home.

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