Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Lin Carruth

Forget the miracle of breathing, of just that we're here, of when we get up in the morning everything still works. Like I can see and remember and hear and now's my chance to be better than I was the day before. My greatest competition is me, which is good since some people have an overachiever with whom to compete.

I am lucky in that there is a true slacker taunting me.

oh just close your eyes. fifteen more minutes. you'll wake up. no, you don't need an alarm clock. just go back to sleep.

Yesterday I met with Kate Cherry from the Meridian Museum of Art because sometimes there are miracles beyond just breathing. And sometimes you have a group of incredible women standing together in a gargantuan room. So miracle on top of miracle and it keeps going until your heart may burst.

Then I guess I'm dead so I'll enjoy all those miracles while I can.

What I knew and what I will tell you is to not only listen but to feel the creative energy around you.
Those people and that feeling will lead you.

Or that's how I'm rolling these days.

Today I am grateful for Kate's stories, for the generosity of Barbara. That Mom and Aunt Wanda and Granny all came to check out the venue. And Dr. Hawley. It feels good to have her approval.

Blessed. Yep.

More to come. Uh huh.

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