Monday, October 6, 2014

incomplete works of nobody in particular

It's not a shot I've ever taken before or one I took today, but maybe it's important in a nottheshot kinda way. Maybe.

Maybe somewhere in the deep recesses of this blog (I can't imagine actually reading it so I wouldn't suggest you do either). But maybe this will show up somewhere, one day in the deep recesses of this blog. Way off in the future. Maybe that day a forty year old woman will uncover a futuristic capsule on the banks of a creek bed.

And maybe she will somehow come upon this post.
And maybe she will think, That worked.
And maybe she'll read the only secret I ever held was I met someone with the truest of intentions.
And the world seemed a better place when I worked with some of the greatest people to give him an art show.
And she thinks of someone in her life who has the truest of intentions.
And maybe she decides to mimic him because she wants to be like him when she grows up.

Anyway, the art show.

He is the center of it.

The name.        Blessed.      but in a really cool font kinda way.

So far.
We have a book about him.
We have students who have created art around his language.

That sweet potato is so good it's like a bulldog hugging a hound.
This is clearly my favorite.

And here's what I have discovered…

The big damn secret. (Mr. Roger will hopefully forgive me for talking like that)

It is.

the secret.

That when you meet someone with pure intentions you want to be like them. I swear.

Like him. (the nottheshot)

I definitely want my son to meet this guy one day.

Today I am grateful for those who become not strangers. Those people I am honored to call my friend.


grannie said...

good job, hope someone does find this on a creek bank somewhere

Shea Goff said...

Thank you. Goals and dreams, we all have to have them.