Friday, October 10, 2014

I spy

It's the guy in the left rear corner of the room. the barstools. all the tiny lights. the menu. the license plates. The Flavor of New Orleans. It's all the color. the music playing. Beads hanging.

This is where I will tell you the story, Jess. We'll go there and eat. Maybe invite Grammie.

Last night Pop came home.
I guess he had come home early that morning, but last night we had family dinner.
And I hope it feels good to be around family again. Like all of a sudden in a however long drive from a kind of foreign land (foreign means they don't love you like we do).  All of a sudden we're all together eating gumbo your Daddy made.

And last night Pop told me a story about two people who said he sounded like a preacher. One man, one woman, two different incidents. One in the ammunition section, one when he was getting his toothpicks. He has never considered a preacher to be any better than anyone else. We're all just people here, he and I think.

We're all doing the best we can with what we know and what we have and the world is becoming a better place. We have to believe it.

And in the art show notes you were drawing a picture to possibly go on a wall in a show of ohmygosh we have a date.

And our first professional artist dropped off her paintings today.
Traveling from Memphis to the beach.

I'm so excited about seeing them.

 I just dropped off a couple of pieces at my PawPaw's house. We're driving through en route to the beach for a quick trip. I hope they're helpful! One is actually an abstract triptych, but the pieces don't go in any particular order. Whenever you're done with them, feel free to drop them off with Pawpaw or he can pick them up sometime. If by chance you do happen to know of someone who might be traveling between Memphis and there between now and the show, let me know, because I've got a different piece I'd rather send to the exhibit, which you can trade out with one of my other pieces if there's no room for all 3. Does that make sense? Anyway, if not, totally no problem. Go with what I left at Pawpaw's.
Anyway, love and blessings to you and yours! 

Jess, I had to look it up. What a triptych is.

If you would like I want you to put them in order.
How exciting is that. (exclamation point)

Today I am grateful for the anticipation I feel to see Jaime's work.
Not only that but to see her Papaw who reminds me of my Papaw and well.
That guy was amazing so, of course, his brother is. I get to talk to him.

The show. the name. yeah.


D Martin said...

Love those kind of places! Always fun to explore!

Shea Goff said...

You need to go. It is beautiful.