Thursday, October 9, 2014


Blue Fish, Watercolor & Ink ~ Joe MacGown      Meridian Museum of Art Annual Bi State Art Competition

You don't have an art show without consulting someone who has done an art show.
I think there's a rule about that somewhere.
If not, maybe there should be.

Suzanne Hawley
Eddie Fulton
Roger Bounds
Debra Martin
Pam Myrick
Sondra Fleming
Tanya Irby
Randy Pierce
Patsy Miller
Josh Miller
Ken Flynt
Dawn Early
Judy Smith
Jaime Phillips Winton
Ruth Mason
Alton Fairley
Cindy Conner
John Korzenko
Matt Champion
Kristen Schrimpshire
James Bounds
Michael McDonald
Mark Hudson
Elisa Mayo
Dana Mayo

It's amazing how many people you need to do something.
Lots of people taking their part.
Each part a piece of a puzzle.

(I am awful at puzzles. I keep trying to see the big picture, but the people above see the crucial parts. That's why they are crucial parts to something bigger than all of us. I'm sure there must be a lesson in there somewhere.)

Today I saw Kate Cherry, a run in run out take a photo get a photo visit to Meridian Museum of Art. You know what that kind lady said?

Yes, I love that town. I can be there Tuesday.

Sometimes you feel like you had the right name for the show.
All the time.

Today I am grateful for long days and even longer nights. For people. For what is bigger than ourselves.

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