Wednesday, September 10, 2014

little bird slash duck

Maybe it was a week. Maybe two, okay three but no more than that and I surely don't have the whole story because as I've written before, you and me, we just get glimpses of each other. In these glimpses, though, it seems you have transformed rather quickly from a quick tempered, I will have that no matter what you say, get out of my way toddler to a soulful, compassionate little girl.

In no more than three weeks you've gained an intensity I didn't expect from such a young child. Last week your Dad showed me your favorite movie, SamsaraLittle Bird, are you already meditating? What else is there to do, huh?

You will hear for years how much you loved to swim, how early you took to the water, how shocking it was to watch you go under and come up grinning. Hopefully you'll be able to see video of that.

But even more than all the phenomenon of you and water is your behavior this past Labor Day. It was toward your cousin, Jess. Her heart was broken, and she had become sullen and swam to an area of the pool where she could be alone. You, little bird slash duck, became concerned so you swam out to her, and I watched as you showed a compassion for which I didn't know you yet had the capacity and well, thank you, it was beautiful to watch.

No doubt Jess appreciated it as well.

Today I am grateful for family, for how we learn to treat each other.

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