Friday, August 22, 2014


Reader, you know I don't take you many places. You and me, we usually avoid the gussied up stuff, but last night…

I don't know how she did it.
It wasn't even a direct order.
The day before she told me, actually said it out loud to me, I didn't have to go.

Please, woman, I thought. I am going to see you win this award though you have begged that it be presented away from the festivities in a dark corner all alone. Nope. As your friend I will go and watch you suffer.

Because, my friend, yes. This is about children and reading and literacy and one team, one goal, no limits and the power of the purse and you, my friend, have so much power you made me get my hair done.

Without actually saying, "Hey, you. Brush your hair, please."

I did more than that for you and you didn't have to ask because after spending the past year and a half in your vicinity I have obviously come under some type of hypnotic trance which is basically the award you were given. The making people do stuff they wouldn't normally do award. 

And I have to admit, they're not so bad, actually quite good, these places you take us.

But even with all the glitz and glamour and that entire plate of sandwiches I wanted to take home as a midnight snack, I know the reason we were there was because of those children in your head who will get so excited each month when their Mom or Dad walks into the house after receiving a new, free book. And maybe, just like you, they'll fall in love with words put together to make sentences which flow from one page to the next and create images and places and dreams of life outside the one in which they were born.

I know you did it for those children, not for an award.

But it had to be given to you, because Homeland Security has asked we document all of those people who practice your type of mind control.

Congratulations, lady. You're now on a list.

Today I am grateful for those who take the lead.


Edea Baldwin said...

I am so happy to see Elisa get recognized in such a way. I know how excited Emily gets when her new book finds her hands. Her Imagination Library experience will soon come to an end, but I am hoping hundreds of newbies soon hold that first book.

Elisa Mayo said...

You are a beautiful friend! Did I live before you?? Are you going to live after this? haha...Documented as only you can...perfectly. God is good to me and I am humbled to be obedient to His call, even in my imperfection. Here's to all the Positive, Powerful, Passionate women who have helped me along the way. A forest has many trees.

Tara Rathbun said...

I've only met her once but she is indeed incredible. I'm glad to see her honored for her work.

Amanda Reeves said...

The beautiful words of a wonderful lady in honor of the fabulous woman who brought us together. I am so blessed to call you both friends. God brought us all together at just the right time. It is so much fun watching how our lives twist and turn. I love you both beyond words.

Shea Goff said...

All of you, just incredible. Seriously. Elisa wrote it here best. A forest has many trees.

It's good to be in this neck of the woods.