Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the cynic

Artwork by Josh Miller

It was a couple of weeks ago when I talked to a friend on a Saturday morning. That afternoon, he said, he was going to a wedding. My initial thought was People are still doing that?

Then. Of course they are, Shea. Don't say it out loud. Don't ask that question. Don't admit to how you think. Hold back. Hold back.

Then. Out loud in a socially appropriate time frame I asked the question, Oh. Who's getting married?

Here I would like to report nobody's values, beliefs, ideas, philosophies, religion or social contracts were ruined during that phone conversation, but my initial reaction did linger with me like when I was a kid and would learn a new word and then all of a sudden it seemed I would hear and see that word everywhere.

Until last night when I finally threw my hands up and watched a forty minute wedding video and found that even if I don't believe in something for myself I can still hope and believe in it for others.

Today I am grateful for the world which exists outside my cynicism. That video made it look quite beautiful. Go, others!

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