Friday, July 18, 2014


There's a note. On it is written Heisenberg Principle. I don't know why I wrote it, who said it or why I am looking at it but it's there and a google search is too easy. Maybe it will lead to I don't know. I gotta write

like every night the same damn music plays.
I'd have it no other way.
like a sage a man of vision but he knows he's really nothing but a brief elaboration of a tube.

I solve sudoku puzzles in my sleep. there's a nine there and a nine on that row and then the column so the nine must go there and the one next to it...

I have to listen to Seether and I cringe when I see the name because I think I am just going to be screamed at but it's not as bad as I remember.

There is yet to be a cure for cancer and people still starve and planes fall from the sky and lightning strikes and at least some shame that my brain seems to be incapable of doing anything other than putting numbers in boxes someone else created.

maybe tomorrow I can be better.

I think about last night in a truck with four other people. We drove to a restaurant which is more like a secret.

maybe that's all family really is. a group of people that miss the same imaginary place.
It's Garden State, a quote I loved. Caring is Creepy is a song from that soundtrack and thinking out loud made me think of it.

Sometimes I lose the music and then I hear Leonard.
the troubles came. I saved what I could save.
Then he goes away.

What I can gather from the Heisenberg Principle is attention to one thing results in less attention to another. That guy was brilliant.

Me not so much but today I decide it's okay since I was riding in a truck with four people who obviously sometimes miss the same imaginary place. And a song came on. It was The Steve Miller Band and though the truck is nicer than any we would have taken way back when

and life happened

and we are not those kids anymore

until we all start singing.

Today I am grateful to understand what I say and do affects other people and maybe if I pay really close attention to that I can find myself again riding a backroad with those four other people trying to remember the words to a song so I can sing it with them.


Anonymous said...

Good read, keep it coming. Got some awesome memories with the Steve Miller band in the background, a few miles on some old back road would be good for my soul.

Anonymous said...

Was thinking to myself, maybe if I wear a disguise we could do some back roadin with the Steve Miller Band and Randy Travis. Guess that's thinking out load.

Anonymous said...

Way back when, all roads lead to "TOP". Hated that place but that was the place to be.