Wednesday, July 23, 2014

in other news

I am a naive American. Many times when I walk out of my door I am concerned with the weather or what my job will call for me to do that day or if I talked to my son that morning or what I need to put on the grocery list. I don't have television and I don't watch the news but I do hear the rumblings of a war so I search out a trusted source.

Etgar Keret, of course.

As the cannons roared and members of the Israeli government made fiery speeches, the peace conference opened and I listened to the speeches and read the writings of many eloquent, resolute people who continued to talk about the same longed-for peace without blinking an eye, even though, or maybe because now, the earth was shaking beneath our feet.

Then I listen to music.

And here I focused on our bounty.

Today I am grateful for trusted sources and empathy and how reading and listening can help me begin to understand what I can do in this world. (you know, other than just worry about the weather when I walk out the door)

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