Friday, June 20, 2014

thrive too or two (however you want to look at it)

Meridian Museum of Art, 2nd floor
I wait and watch and the kid is doing great work, but I've just been downstairs comparing my photograph to others who show me I have much more studying to do. Now I'm upstairs at the museum taking pictures of a photographer who is accomplished, has accomplished (dot, dot, dot) his photographs are stunning (dot, dot, dot) at fifteen years old and I am feeling especially behind the curve at forty-four.

Here is recurring theme. There are these people, Joe McNally, Betty Press, Dawn Early, Ken Flynt, Courtney Taylor Trawick, this guy

who have all this natural talent, this incredible ability to create and what I want to do is be good at capturing it. What I know is I have more work to do and what I can tell you is I have yet to find an end to the list of all the good around me and above me and how thankful I am to Kate Cherry for allowing me to be a part of the People's Choice Art Competition and for suggesting I take my camera to the second floor.

The kid, the photographer, the fifteen year old exhausted (dot, dot, dot) all he can talk about is the guy who is teaching him. Hopefully we'll have more on that tomorrow.

Today I am grateful for you, for reason, for meaning.

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