Friday, June 27, 2014

same but not, less drama

Slater once told me the best way to change the negative behavior of another is to ignore it.
The behavior is seeking attention. Don't give it.

Incredible reasoning for a child who may have not done his homework. Quite beautiful, I think.
Still as a parent you have to call bullshit since all negative behaviors lead to negative consequences, and you have to stop it before it gets out of control and it's all common sense and I'm not telling you anything you don't know.

The point is I'm thinking about this as I drive home at 1:00 on a Friday afternoon. It's been a good week. Several white page, blinking cursor projects have either been completed or are in a "this is turning into something" stage of the creation process. It's the best kind of exhaustion, and I laugh when I consider a meeting I had scheduled at 9:00am that morning.

The guy didn't show up, didn't call, didn't care, didn't exhibit any concern for another human.
And I think I've grown because I now know it's not my job (it's not even in my power) to save him.

Again and again and over and over I am grateful for the ability to let go.

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