Saturday, June 21, 2014

peace flags in the wind

I think Slater was about this kid's age when he took a boy scout trip where he had to build his own shelter and be alone for either twenty-four or forty-eight hours. I don't remember which now, but I remember the look on his face when he got home after the trip. He was spent in a good way, exhausted from accomplishment. Dirty and rambling about how he had found a creek and what he had built and how this happened and that happened and then he took a long bath and slept until I had to force him back to life.

When I saw this kid the other night I thought of Slater and that trip.

Hey. Um. I was told to bring my camera up here, but I'm no exactly sure what is going on. Can you tell me what this is? Did you take those photos? We're standing at the entrance of the installation.

Yeah. I have this art teacher and we're traveling and there are these flags, thousands of them, and he's been to the Himalayas and Haiti and I've seen the photos and they're beautiful and he's hanging them everywhere and it's about peace. It's Peace Flags in the Wind.

You're exhausted.

Yeah. Well. We just got here Sunday night and we were in Memphis and we've been to Atlanta and Montgomery to the Rosa Parks Museum. We stayed in a monastery in Memphis. 

Wow. I betcha got some great photos there.

Yeah. He nods.

So how are you traveling?

A van with a U-Haul attached.

There's another student slumped in a chair against the wall. A camera around his neck, I think he's sleeping. Other kids are bringing in boxes. I've obviously arrived to the museum on the night they are setting up and then I see him, the teacher.

His name is J.L. Vasile and from what I can gather he has been teaching art at Pinecrest Preparatory Middle High School in Miami, FL where he and his students have been creating art for peace and in the process have created, inspired and displayed thousands of peace flags from all over the world.

The kid I talked to made him sound like a legend.

And here we are again to the point I have to say I am so very grateful for our teachers in this world.

If you'd like you can follow what this teacher and his students are doing here.

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