Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Never Alone

Leonard Cohen calls him the Shepherd of the Strings. I call Javier Mas the focus of my Never Alone photo which is hanging in the Meridian Museum of Art now through July 26th. If you get a chance stop by and see it along with all the other works submitted by local artists. If you have an extra five bucks in your pocket and feel like giving to the arts, please tell Kate Cherry you would like to vote for your favorite piece.

Also, as with all the other works, this is for sale. It is a 11" x 14" stretched canvas going for (ohmygosh, who does she think she is?) $150. The original comes back to me, but I'll do one more print just for you. Signed if you'd like accompanied by a personal thank you note whether you like it or not. If you are interested in purchasing the piece and don't live in the area you can call Kate at (601) 693-1501 between 11am to 5pm CST Wednesday through Saturday. Together Kate and I will make sure it is shipped.

In case you're wondering, the five dollars it takes to vote and twenty-five percent of all sales from the show help fund the great work Meridian Museum of Art is doing in our area.

Today I am grateful for all the sweet firsts in this world. It's good to know you never get too old for those.

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