Saturday, May 10, 2014

you're special

Either Mom tried to burn down the house after Dad left or Dad tried to burn down the house with Mom in it or there was an accident, some old wiring, and the house didn't burn down and everything is going to be okay. Or it'll be however Dateline presents it.


When given the chance I'll have a seat in their living room, listen to my visibly shaken Mom, and then take in a Dr. Phil show. Good ole hit him hard common sense Dr. Phil is on the Oprah channel and is discussing the problem of the me generation. A woman wrote a book, not because she wants to be rich and famous but because she wants to talk about a generation of children who want to be rich and famous and how that leads to a sense of entitlement as if they deserve to have everything simply handed to them because their parents told them they were special and spoiled them.

Interestingly, I think, entitlement in Mississippi is more often than not related to a welfare system and not an MTV sweet sixteen party, but I digress because the commercial breaks for the Dr. Phil show are promos for the upcoming Oprah show with a preacher who has come to tell the audience they were born to be tall and following their instinct and information will get them where they need to be and how special and good and the audience cheers.

Tweet that, Oprah says.

I don't know, but I think a certain amount of narcism is unavoidable because all each of us have are our five senses and a brain to process experiences so the very best we can attempt to do with another person is relate. I guess that's why I would never look into a child's eyes and tell them they couldn't be anything they wanted to be.

If everybody is special then nobody is, and I'm okay with that.

Today I am grateful that Mom, Dad and the house are okay.

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