Friday, May 23, 2014

This is nothing.

Just the list of selected works in the upcoming People's Choice Awards at the Meridian Museum of Art.
That's all. No big deal.

Morgan Ainsworth Not For Soup Other
Kent Allen The Red Table (Series) Mixed Media
Winki Allen Evening Out Other
Kathie Baeuerlin Rock Outcropping Oil
David Barr Doors to Our Past Photography
Linda Baxter Brindley and Roscoe Oil
Linda K.  Beasley Summer in Plaid Other
Katelyn Belcher Opaque Mixed Media
Katelyn Belcher The Woman at the Bus Stop Oil
Katelyn Belcher Summer Time Other
Cynthia Buob Objection Oil
Greg Cartmell Sunset Oil
Denise Dengler Pensive Watercolor
Anne S. Dowdle On the Edge Photography
Keith Englen Yellow Butterfly Photography
Chris Ethridge Stuck on Mississippi Other
Steven T. Eubanks Self-Portrait D/P/P
Robert  Evans Rosie the Riviter (Norman Rockwell) Mixed Media
Ken  Flynt Photography
Cooper Michael French Self Portrait Oil
Kris Gianakos Racoons Oil
Shea Goff Never Alone Photography
David Gosselin Big Game Club Oil
Robert Hale (Jimmy Smith) Dream Journey D/P/P
Robert Hale (Jimmy Smith) Altered Correspondence:  Anger Management Mixed Media
Jill Hammes Bad Moon D/P/P
Larry Harris Meridian's Own Mixed Media
Olga Hutchinson Girl in the Garden Other
Bob Jeffares After Dressing Room by Jan DeRuth Oil
Rosemary Kahlmus Poppy Watercolor
Patricia Kent Letters from Home Mixed Media
Patricia Kent Mississippi Magnolia Watercolor
Ann Kukor Sunset Acrylic
Ann Kukor You Dropped Grann's Machine Drawer Watercolor
Nancy Landrum Up in Flames - for Ste. Joan Other
Jay Long March Photography
Wanda  Luke The Farm Oil
Tara Martin Yellow Tarts Acrylic
Tara Martin Renaissance D/P/P
Doris McKinney Matty Hersee Hospital Actylic
Samuel Mingo Tree of Life Mixed Media
Samuel Mingo Cryhog in Cosplay Photography
Tonya Mott Country Charm Photography
Barbara Parish Drifting Past Forgotten Oil
Lanette Parker Baptism Mixed Media
Shara Rowley Plough The Material Landscape #2 Mixed Media
Judy Rayner Urban Pets D/P/P
Anthony Reed EYE Watercolor
Mouise T. Richards Carousel Acrylic
Michael Robinson Pluses and Zeros Acrylic
Michael Robinson Unreconstructed Life Mixed Media
Jauneth Skinner Into the Wind D/P/P
M. W. "Butch" Stuart Lakeshore View Watercolor
Breana Watkins High Heel Classic Other
Kathy Westbrook 2014 - Year of the Horse Acrylic
Kathy Westbrook Mr. Gillis's Racing Mare Watercolor
Christena Wiebe Teapot Other
Deanna Williamson Genesis Mixed Media
T. Lowry Wilson Legend of Stuckey's Bridge Photography
Sabrena  Wright Fay's Hand Photography
Sylvia Follis and Marcia Via First View of Spring Other


grannie said...

yes it is something, very proud of you and all that you do. love you aunt sue

Shea Goff said...

Thank you, sweet lady. Love you, too!