Saturday, May 17, 2014

little bird

Grammie's is a basket of toys, a Hug Me Elmo almost as big as you. You and Grammie, you have this special bond, which, I think, means you're some kind of intellectual. She is hilarious and you laugh and play and make her run across the room 'cause you're a climber and have a deep affection for those things you suspect are not for you. 

Because those things are obviously the tastiest.

Seriously. Everything must be tasted, like even those things not meant to be tasted. 
'Cause who made those rules? 

Not you.

The above photos were taken during a five minute span.
I plan to use the last photo in a Powerpoint intervention. 
Knee to Elmo's face? 
You've obviously gone too far, little bird.

Oh never mind. 
You're fine. 

Again, over and over, you amaze me and surprise me and make me laugh. 
I continue to be so very grateful for you.

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