Friday, March 7, 2014


Because you knew one day this would become a blog about appearance and product and how to paint yourself into some type of physically gorgeous existence. I'm obviously the expert on that or this is the apocalypse. 

For the last two years I have washed my hair every other day and pulled it back every day. My grooming goal was don't emit odor. Clean body, clean hair, clean clothes. If I was clean I had fulfilled my personal and social obligation.

This continues to sound reasonable to me. Let me just say that if someone described me as clean and reasonable then I would consider myself a fair success in this life. Goal obtained, move on.

So I did. I moved on with it.

Until yesterday when I finally sat in a chair and had a very nice lady cut off enough hair to send to a place to make a small mohawk for a child which is nice since I like to think I have something to give other than clean and reasonable.

But I also colored it.

And some part of me feels like I sold out. Like it wasn't okay to be an early gray, to embrace a change which hopefully meant I had matured, grown up a bit. That age carries experience and if we watch and listen then gray can symbolize some kind of wisdom. And who cares about hair and why does it matter and my Mom said, Please, it makes me feel older to have a child so gray and I don't want to feel that old.

My Mom and I are younger now, by as much as ten years they say. And this is nice, I think, because if there are little things I can do to help someone I love then Dear Mom, I can commit to that every six weeks.

Now Mom is most likely hoping that wisdom means I quit rebelling so much.
Hair color yesterday. Eye shadow and mascara today?
Nah. I am only reasonable, not a damn martyr.

Today I am grateful for compromise, for how small acts can mean so much to those we love.


Anonymous said...

Send me a selfy.

Anonymous said...

U makin this harder than it has to b . :)

Anonymous said...

Green or pink?

Shea Goff said...

I do.

Anonymous said...

Damn, my favorite.