Saturday, February 22, 2014

something to prove

pull up a blanket

You know how we talked about how we meet people in this world who mirror us? How when there is something about them that annoys us it is most likely something we would like to change within ourselves?

Not my favorite rule either.

In a six hour meeting she raises her hand one more time, not to ask a question but to offer some justification for what the speaker has just said as if we didn't believe it in the first place and I like economy in getting the point across and admittedly wonder who does she think she is because obviously I'm in some sort of race to get out of here and

I am annoyed and frustrated and ashamed of my own impatience.

So this morning when I pretend we have all the time in the world I can say it seems she had something to prove and I can understand and love her for that.

Today I am grateful for the time we have to consider what we see.

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