Thursday, January 2, 2014


I have eight coffee cups. No matter that I have a cup reserved for a particular drink. More than likely you do as well. You'll forgive me that one. Possibly you'll allow that in the past year I have used up to four coffee cups at the same time. Up to three people and I have consumed a particular drink simultaneously in my home. Thus, recent history would suggest the maximum number of vessels required for consuming a beverage for which I am not only quite fond but have proven my body has become so accustomed to it's contents that without it I experience a severe headache. So there's that.

Don't tell anyone.
I have actually run out of clean coffee cups in a wait to fill up the dishwasher.
At that point I used a short glass.
Obviously I need more coffee cups.

Now I'll just wait for a small country to send me a thank you note for giving it's children much needed employment.

Today I am grateful for how it feels to simplify my life.


Anonymous said...

A cup a pot a sip a shot a long talk with a lot of laughs, just a thought to get this year going. Or maybe a wish.

Shea Goff said...